Government: No Displacement of Southern Port Workers

Khalda Elyas

Khartoum – The government confirmed that there will be no displacement or damage to any one of the workers in the southern port on the background of the partnership with a foreign company to operate the southern port, where the Minister of Transport, Hatem Al-Sir confirmed that the rights of workers will be reserved.
The Supreme Committee to deal with the conditions of operation of the southern port in Port Sudan held its first meeting in Port Sudan, headed by Prime Minister Mutaz Mousa, in the presence of the Presidential Assistant, Mousa Mohamed Ahmed and a number of officials.
Al-Sir said that the Prime Minister stressed the need to preserve the rights of workers and not to be displaced, adding that the meeting reached a number of guidelines on the preservation of workers’ rights and that the work is to achieve the interest of the country, as well as the need to direct work to achieve development and modernization, saying that the meeting guidelines include that the Sea Ports Authority continues its programs of social responsibility towards the Red Sea State, indicating that the government is seeking to increase the efficiency of the port because it is connected to the export and import traffic, announcing that the Higher Committee will remain in Port Sudan and meet all parties and that the government will present its view on the matter..

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