NCP: The Postponement of the Constitutional Amendments Committee is Normal

Najat Ahmed

Khartoum – The National Congress Party (NCP) expected that the political arena will witness an expanded meeting of political forces, national expertise and expert houses to address political and economic issues and overcome challenges
NCP Deputy Head of the Political Sector, Mohamed Mustafa Al-Daw stressed that the postponement of the parliamentary committee concerned with the constitutional amendments was made for reasons related to the committee, stressing that the postponement is normal in many countries, pointing out that the intervention of the executive body in the work of the legislative body is not allowed by the Constitution and regulations.
In an interview with Tag Press, Al-Daw said that the constitutional amendments came at the initiative of the Parliament in accordance with the regulations and laws, and those who proposed and signed it wanted the presidential sessions to be open.
He added that there are specific articles for the amendment, but the committee has not yet met and did not discuss the mandate assigned to it, and that the National Council’s regulation indicates that these amendments cannot enter the parliament, but only after 60 days after tabled them, and there is plenty of time, adding that the issue of the constitutional amendments is not an urgent matter, and that the committee and the leadership of the council will determine the suitable time for that.
Rappporteur of the NCP Political Sector, Ahmed Kerameno stressed the importance of consensus and the unity of the internal front between all sectors to face the challenges of the current stage, saying that reconciliation is the only way out of the current crisis.
Addressing yesterday, the congress of Damazin in Blue Nile, Kerameno praised the active roles of the leadership of the party in the state, which affected positively on the great stability that the state is witnessing in security and economic fields.

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