Press conference in Umma party’s Residence


In the presence of 250 participants, the alliance of Freedom and Change Declaration held a press conference in the Uma party’s residence last week. There were representative from each side, Mr. Mohammed Mokhtar (Communist Party), Mss. Sara Nogd Allah (Sudan Call), Mr. Othman Ebn Aofe (Federal Democratic Opposition), Dr. Muawia Shadad (representative of civil society), Mr. Mohammed Yousef (representative of youth in the professional’s assembly).
Mohammed Yousef the representative of youth, affirmed that, they will never back off, until this regime fall. They will not negotiate or take compensations as long as this regime is still ruling this country. Moreover, Sara Nogad Allah, who was representing SC, mentioned that all the parties that had signed the declaration, agreed that they will do every thing they could, to remove the regime and their voice will appear clearly in the streets.
One of the most important speakers was Dr. Muawia Shaddad who talked about the fact that this revaluation is without a doubt a women revolution, also he said “people always say we all relay on a man heart but today we rely and unite on woman heart, this is a pure Sudanese revolution without foreign agenda”
Finally, Mr. Mohammed Mokhtar (Communist party) talked about the massive force that had been used against protesters and the fact that they are ready to use force also in the right time. Furthermore, he explained that in the transition period, which is 4 years, drastic reforms will be implanted for all governmental institutes, after that the decision will be for Sudanese to decide their president.

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