Sartor Reveals Resumption of Dialogue between Sudan and the US Administration to Remove Sudan from Terrorism List

Khalda Elyas

US President senior director for Africa, Cyril Sartor said that Sudan is passing transitional stage, calling on the Sudanese government to respect the rights of citizens in peaceful expression,. He also called on the protestor to commit to peaceful approach.
Sarter said in press statement following his meeting with the Presidential Aide that he came to Khartoum to continue the dialogue between the two countries to set Sudan in its right track, which leads to imminent lifting Sudan from terrorism list.
He pointed to the joist work between the two countries towards strong partnership.
For his part, Presidential Aide, Faisal Hassan Ibrahim affirmed Khartoum commitment to dialogue with Washington in the joint concern issues.
It is to be noted that the US official arrived in Sudan on Sunday accompanied by the director of African in the US National Security Council in a 2-day visit to discuss the final arrangements in lifting Sudan from the terrorism list, besides discussing the developments of the political situation in Sudan and the mean of boosting the relations between Sudan and Washington.
Sartor held discussion sessions with the Sudanese Foreign Minister, Al-Dirdiri Mohammed Ahmed after which the Sudanese Foreign ministry issued a statement affirming the Sudanese keenness to commit to the constitutional principles which govern the freedom of expression, pointing out that all violation are dealt with according to the rule of law.

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