World Day of Social Justice: “If You Want Peace and Development, Work for Social Justice”

Zuleikha Abdul Raziq-Haffiya Elyas – Photo: Al-Sir Mukhtar

Khartoum – Director of the Planning and Research Department of the Social Security and Poverty Reduction Commission at the Ministry of Social Security and Development, Saif Abdul Rahim Mohamed Ahmed confirmed the integration of efforts between state institutions and donor countries and strengthen their relationship in full harmony and clear vision to achieve social security and poverty reduction.
In Sudan Vision Forum on the occasion of the World Day of Social Justice, Ahmed said that the project of national indicators for measuring poverty is one of the most important projects implemented in 2018, pointing out that its importance lies in the importance of measuring poverty, identifying poor people, knowing their places of residence and size and identifying their demographic characteristics and educational and health levels, so as to develop plans, policies, programs and initiatives for the elimination of poverty.
He said that the justification for the commission formation that the state has made many efforts to address poverty, but it is scattered and non-visible impact, besides a vague in the identification of gaps and priorities and the absence of strategies and plans targeting the poorest areas and the absence of studies to assess past experiences.
He referred to partnerships with donors to design projects in eastern states and to contribute to peace-building in the five Darfur states.
For his part, the director of Zakat guidance in the State of Khartoum, Al-Madani Mohamed Al Hassan said that the divine justice has an effective role in achieving social justice, referring to the efforts made by the Zakat in the area of ??spending on poor and health insurance and other areas, affirming that rate of performance of revenues was 115%, spending 111% for 453,165 families, pointing out that more than 135 thousand families were covered by health insurance of SDG 70.5 million and warrant of about 4500 students at 4950, thousand pounds, in addition to the ownership of 135.977 families production projects, pointing out to the efforts made in the other different fields.
Sudan Vision General Manager, Sahar Farouq Albushra stressed that social justice has become a pressing demand for all countries, especially developing countries, pointing out that the insurgency, armed conflicts and civil wars are the natural result of the absence of social justice, and that the social justice is at the top of the political and social agenda worldwide, she said, pointing out the importance of the role of the media in promoting the principle of social justice and discussing all issues related to it and inciting the parties to take social justice projects to an advanced position in its program, calling for the launching of studies and surveys of the current situation and the problems that surround The spread of poverty and what are the best methods to combat it and limit its spread.

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