African Minerals and Geosciences Center Holds its 38th Meeting in Khartoum

Neimat al Naiem

Khartoum –African Minerals and Geosciences Center (AMGC) held its 38th meeting with participation of eight African member states in the period from 13rd -22nd February 2019 in Khartoum.
In an exclusive brief interview explained to Sudan Vision, Dr. Ibrahim Shadad, the Director General of the AMGC highlighted the establishment of the center in 1977 to provide training services in mineral and geosciences, as one of five regional centers in Africa. It is a regional center works for East and South Africa. Its member states are Comoro Islands, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Angola, Kenya and Sudan, beside the AU, and the UNSECA.
It became a continental center to provide training services to all Africa as one of the scientific centers to implement the scientific vision of mining.
Sudan had joint the AMGC in August 2010 as member state, preceded by Kenya. Since that time up to 2015 Sudan committed with the annual subscriptions in the AMGC and had obtained more than 175 training opportunities in geosciences different fields.
Dr. Shdad the, Director General who was elected as the first one after the AMGC became a continental provides services to all Africa involving researchers, scientists and students of geosciences .He said it is a continental diplomatic organization, its headquarter in Dar al Slam in Tanzania .
He added that AMGC provides services in through five divisions and sections including mining and precious stones, industrialized minerals, minerals for development concentrated on the small scale industries, promotion, and training targeting the Youth by using simple technology, transforming into ceramics, environment and chemistry that is the analyzing of rocks in collaboration with International Projects, the ICGR and the Great Lakes Organization, and International observers from Germany .
AMGC held the meeting of the board of directors, in the period from 13th-15 February followed by the council of officials meeting from 16th-18th and the Council of Governor meeting from 18th-22nd February 2019.

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