Al-Dirdiri Reveals US Administration Desire to Push forward the Dialogue

Najat Ahmed

Khartoum – While briefing the cabinet about the outcomes of the visit of the special assistant for the US president, Cyril Sartor, the minister of foreign affairs, Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed, said that the delegation had confirmed US desire to push forward the dialogue. ‘In addition to this, they say they will work hard to remove Sudan from the list of terrorism.
He went on to say that the delegation will do its best to push forward the procedures that relate to the banking transfers between the two countries which are the outcomes of the first stage of Sudan –US dialogue.
In an unrelated development, the cabinet hears to premier Mutaz Musa, the chairperson of the higher committee that deals with the operation of the Southern port of Port Sudan, who says that the cabinet has got satisfied with the procedures regarding the choice of the Pilipino company which is the best one, both technically and financially.
The cabinet directs the company to accomplish the article that relates to community responsibility at the Red Sea. This is in addition to the preservation of the rights of the employees at the port.

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