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Khartoum – Last Thursday was an extraordinary day in Sudan’s history as it witnessed a series of meetings that aimed at enlightenment about decisions which will make an upheaval in the political scene and leads to safe landing.
The most significant turn is that President Al Bashir will stand at the same distance between all political forces after his disengagement from the ruling National Congress party to become the President of all the Sudanese people.
Another significant turn is the decisions included in the President address in which he declared a one-year state of emergency, ordered the parliament to postpone a constitutional reform to allow him to run for another term and decided to dismiss the national government and the dissolution of state governments.
“In order to arrange the national political scene to achieve (a national) consensus, I declare the state of emergency throughout the country for a year, the dissolution of the government of national consensus, the solution of state governments.” Al Bashir said in his address.
He pointed out that the document of national dialogue will be the basis for a dialogue with the political forces at home and abroad.
“I call on Parliament to postpone considering the constitutional amendments in order to (create a conducive environment) for constructive dialogue and national initiatives,” he stressed.
However, he pledged to dedicate his efforts as a President of the Republic to oversee the process of dialogue.
“I will be at the same distance from everyone: loyalists and opponents Using justice, transparency and broad-mindedness,” he emphasized.
The Sudanese president’s speech was marked by a conciliatory language towards his opponents and paid tribute to those who were killed in the nationwide protests.
He said it was not unacceptable to see people calling for improving the general situation and to address the poor government performance.
“But what was unacceptable and troubling is that some people try to jump in the front line of the protests and exploit it to achieve an agenda that adopts zero options leading the country to an unknown fate,” he said.
He called on the political forces to consider the demands of young people and to involve them in national construction.
Also, he called to consider the role of the armed forces as a guarantor of stability.
Before announcing his decisions, President Al Bashir held intensive meetings with the Higher Coordination Committee for Dialogue, which includes his allies in the government.
He also met with the leadership office of the National Congress, while the Foreign Ministry informed the diplomatic missions about these developments
On the other hand, the Director of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), 1st Lt. Gen. (Eng.) Salah Abdallah Gosh met with the dailies newspapers editors-in-chief and prominent columnists few hours before Al Bashir speech that the latter would abandon the chairmanship of the National Congress Party and continue as President of the Republic so that the party can nominate another candidate for the 2020 elections.
Commenting on the declaration of the state of emergency Gosh made assurances that it will not ban the freedoms or preventing the dialogues among the political forces, justifying the declaration of state of emergency will assist in fighting the corrupt people, and the speculators in foreign currencies.
However, what was declared last Thursday was on the table of political negotiations since long time considering that the country is in need for a consistent leader who stands at the same distance from all political forces.
All the reforms in all aspects require bold political will capable to lead the aspired change.
Let us hope that this third path leads the country to overcome its political and economic crises.

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