The Impact of Failure

What is mean to be successful? It depends on your goals and your perspective about success, everyone has his own sight. Individually, success means self-discipline, a person who is honest and reconciled with himself, who set goals and plan to achieve them, maturity and wise judgment. Socially, to be part of the community, in order to participate in social activities, share knowledge and experience; help other people. For those reasons and others like, people study hard, work harder to get a ticket in success hall of fame to tell their story, when they do that, the crowd open his mouth, surprising how they did that? How did they get on the stage? Obviously, they took the stairs; no elevator can get you there. Failure stairs, years of hard work, years of burned papers, useless experiments, in fact, they stress on that part at the opening speech but no one will give attention because they think it is a boring story.
People don’t like failure, the story behind success as well; they only impressed by the final result, but this result didn’t emerge in two days or a week, it cost a lot to get the stage, maybe decades or a century. America, the same country who start slavery was ruled by a black man tow-year ago for two rounds, but that cost more than more four centuries to achieve, the whole world know that black race won the election – it’s a huge win- but no one had an idea about how many “precisely” who were being killed, tortured, raped, because, people are interested in the result more than the process. It is hard to accept failure, that why we don’t tell the tail, the process seems bored because we want to be on the stage but without an effort.
We’re afraid to say we had failed, this fear comes out from society’s culture “the person who had failed is forsaken” this culture suppressed a lot of people, you can’t – and you should not- say to your son you failed that meant you are a bad person, how supposed he should succeed in the future? You just destroy the first step. My father told me “failure is the first step to success”, often, we get this wisdom at late age, in order to correct our mistake we have to fail, and if we failed we should look at the bright side that every problem is a lesson we have to benefit from it. Don’t you ever underestimate someone ability to succeed just because he had failed, we must encourage him and bring back his confidence, and we will be amazed by the result.
Failure has a magnificent impact on people live; every draft goes to trash it is a step to drop specific theory from the list and gives new inputs to test another hypothesis, infinite cycle of thousand ups and downs, error and correctness till the final draft “success”, if you didn’t make a mistake you will never learn.

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