I Witness: “State of Emergency”: The Right Step at the Right Time

I would not be exaggerating things if I said that all the circles and living cells of the nation were expecting the declaration of state of emergency, when they had heard that the President was going to deliver an important speech to the nation, Friday night. The President came up with the expectations of his subjects. He did declare the state of emergency, in addition to other decrees and procedures. The security situation was deteriorating badly during the recent weeks after the beginning of the riots as of the nineteenth of last December. The government put it very clear that it understood the motives of the demonstrators who took to the streets protesting against the critical economic hardships. The government even said that those youths had the right to protest, but peacefully.
The officials said that the “message” of the youths had reached them. They said that they were doing their best to solve the economic problems. It was obvious and understood that the economic problems were so deep and complicated that their fixing needs time. Most of the youths who were demonstrating in the streets listened to the “voice of wisdom”. They refrained from the movements in the streets. Who remained agitating the riots were the “merchants of politics”. They continued to spread the chaos and instability in the society. Those activities caused serious damage in the society. They stopped the services that the authorities were providing to the citizens. They affected the flow of the means of transportation. The security situation was heading for some kinds of clashes between the rioters and the ordinary citizens whose interests were hindered and negatively affected by the demonstrations and riots. That situation was going to lead to more damage among the slices of the society.
The declaration of state of emergency came at the right time. It is the right decision at the right time. It meant to stop the deterioration of the security situation. All the antigovernment activities should stop immediately. The state of emergency is not a joke. If the riots were not stopped, then everyone who fails to abide by the state of emergency arrangements has to bear responsibility for his (or her) actions. The state of emergency should draw a line between Friday night and Saturday morning. What was admissible before Friday night would not be admissible, Saturday morning.

Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

I Witness
Email: zumma1888@gmail.com
Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma
Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

I Witness Email: zumma1888@gmail.com

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