Red Whistle for the Erroneous Driver Program – Sudan Kicks-off

Press Release

The ‘Red Whistle for the Erroneous Driver’ Program kicked off in the Turkish Maarif Schools in Khartoum to. The program aims at raising pupils’ awareness on the harmful effects that come because of ignoring or non-abiding by known traffic rules to reflect that in their own surrounding environment.
The program aims at train pupils to play the role of the Traffic Police Officer by educating them on traffic law. Pupils are given especial special ID cards, caps, T-Shirts, and red whistles to undertake their jobs while in the car with their parents. A pupil would use his or her red whistle when they spot their parents running a red light, over speeding; speaking on their mobile phones while driving, or when they forget to fasten their seatbelts.
This program was highly successful in Turkey, and therefore, the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Khartoum is attempting to share this exper?ence with the Republic of the Sudan in order to minimize traffic accidents, which could lead to death, permanent disability, or financial damage to cars that involve in such kind of traffic accidents.
In addition to the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Khartoum, Dr. Irfan Nizeroglu, the launching of the program, on Wednesday February 20, 2019 in the Turkish Maarif Schools, was attended by Ahmed Bilal Osman, Minister of Interior, the Minister of Education, Director General of Police, Khartoum Commissioner, Khartoum State Director General of Police, Traffic Department, local media, Sudan Radio & TV, and teachers and students of some selected schools.

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