I Witness: Defying the Emergency is worse than the Emergency!

When the President of the republic and the supreme commander of the armed forces Field Marshal Omar Al Bashir declared the state of emergency, it was not the best thing he could do. The President was forced to resort to this option because of the serious deterioration in the security situation in the country. The security of the nation and the safety of the people and their properties has the top priority at the President’s mind. May be he was the only person who thought and felt obliged to take the step. But it was not a favorable choice. But defying the state of emergency is worse than the emergency itself. So it was expected that all the citizens would accept and respect the state of emergency situation. In other words it should be understood that all shapes of riots, hooliganism and rebellion against the government’s procedures to restore law and order in the streets should be respected. The following day after the day of the declaring of state of emergency is a crucial day. It was the test to show whether the state of emergency was to be accepted and observed by the citizens, especially by those who were protesting in the streets.
The president put the mandate of the new government at stake. The mandate of the new government was summarized by the President in restoring law and order, meeting and solving the economic problems, in addition to fighting corruption and other titles. It was expected that the rioters would meet the extended hands of the president and exchange good wishes with him. But unfortunately, nothing of that happened. On the contrary, the districts of Omdurman and Khartoum witnessed, Sunday even big numbers of demonstrators. This means one thing and one thing only. The demonstrators not only refused to accept the President’s arrangements, but they are defying them. This is very serious. Defying the state of emergency should not pass just like that. Serious procedures should be taken urgently to put the state of emergency into effect. The mandate and responsibilities of the new government would not be implemented unless law and order is restored. Any idea of solving the economic problems will be mere and shallow imagination in case this chaos continues. The security authorities should take this matter seriously. Those shapes of instability should disappear from our streets.

Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

I Witness
Email: zumma1888@gmail.com
Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

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Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

I Witness Email: zumma1888@gmail.com

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