SLM-AW Blunder

Report – Sudan Vision

The news infiltrated from Jebel Marra area said that the SLM-AW battlefield leaders met on 13th February 2019 during which they phoned through Thuraya SatSLeeve their leader Abdulwahid who directed them to continue coordination with the Sudanese Professional Association to promote the protests against the Sudanese government besides coordinating the military action through attempts to criminalize the Sudanese army in violating the announced ceasefire and its ethnical targeting.
But the field generals told Abdulwahid that they are lacking logistical support affirming that the morale of the troops is at its worst due to the absence of Abdulwahid from the battlefield as their supreme leader.
The meeting discussed that failure of the UPF in reacting with the popular protests after the NISS aborted they attempts.
The outcomes of the said meeting admitted the failure of the UPF amid the Darfur citizens besides the weakness of the media address of the UPF in convincing the citizens.
In an attempt to cool down the tension amid his troops in Jebel Marra, Abdulwahid said that he is in contacts with the Israeli Mossad to provide them with the required logistics, besides funding the protests in other p[arts of the country.
The apparent blunder of the SLM-AW indicates that the movement lost the compass and will soon fall in the abyss.

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