State of Emergency .. Will it Avail the Environment for Economic Reforms

Najat Ahmed

Following President’s Al Bashir address in which he decreed the statement after Omar Al Bashir, President of Sudan, imposed a year-long state of emergency, dissolved the country’s federal and state governments, announced a makeshift cabinet, and replaced all state governors with military generals; the security forces will have greater powers.
According to some observer this move could lead to increasing crackdown on civilians including more arrests, holding protesters in detention for longer without access to lawyers, and even deaths.
It might also negatively impact the current progress in the relations with the US Administration considering that the latter announced its support to the Sudanese people’s desire for democratic, representative governance and the freedom to exercise their civil liberties.
Some observers see that Sudan is at a crossroad and the country has an opportunity to reengage with the international community, but this depends on the government’s respect citizens’ rights to freedom of assembly, end of arbitrary detention against protesters.
It goes without saying that Al Bashir did not announce the stage of emergency and the reshuffle of the government without prearrangements especially with the holdouts and armed groups.
The steps taken came after the recent visit of the US Senior Director for Africa. Cyril Sartor a matter and resulted to the acceptance of the government to enter into negotiations with all the holdout movements and Al Bashir’s affirmation his support to the youth and their justifiable demands.
According to Maha Al-Adgham, who is a leading figure in National Rabat Party, Al Bashir’s address responded to all the requirements of the upcoming stage to defuse the security disturbance to achieve stability, adding that the address valued high the national principles through calling on the armed groups and youth to come round the negotiations table.
For his part, MP El-Tayeb Zain Al-Abdin described the decision as bold calling for more decisions that might improve the economical conditions of the people besides sitting with the youth to discuss their demands.
However, the statement of emergency could lead to availing the environment to deal with the political and economical situations as it will give more powers and ease the work the anti-corruption concerned institutions.

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