Al-Naqarabi: NSWF Work is National Goal

Al-Sammani Awadallah

Khartoum – The National Student Welfare Fund (NSWF) has revealed its achievements in 2018 and the efforts it has undertaken through the new tasks assigned to it in the field of supporting public education and technical education..
NSWF Secretary-General of, Professor Mohamed Abdullah Al-Naqarabi considered that the fund’s work in the field of student care and support of public education is a national task and a national goal in order to raise the rate of technical education to support the development process in Sudan..
Addressing the forum of the fifth states secretaries of the fund, Al-Naqarabi said that the forum is held in light of the great changes witnessed by the fund during the last period, stressing that the fund is supporting seven million students of public education and more than one million in higher education so that education to be available to all sectors and to achieve justice in education , pointing to the state’s awareness of the task of technical education, pointing out that the meeting is exchange of experiences a to solutions to problems..
Director of the States Affairs Department, Dr. Mustafa Ali Al-Hassan indicated that the forum will discuss three papers related to the role of the fund in supporting the general and technical education and service activities of the fund as well as addressing the resources of the fund in the states, pointing out that the forum will listen to a report on the performance report..

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