China Calls on UNSC to Lift Sanctions on Sudan

Sudan Vision

Khartoum – China’s Deputy Envoy to the UN urged the Security Council to review the sanctions imposed on Sudan in line with the latest developments in the situation and to lift them completely, saying that the opposition and armed groups should abandon means of military settlement, especially in Darfur.
In his address to the Security Council meeting on Sudan and South Sudan, the Chinese diplomat said the security situation in Sudan’s Darfur region remained generally stable after UNAMID handed over security responsibility to the government of Sudan last year, adding that China appreciates the contribution of the mission to maintaining peace and stability in Darfur and welcomes the government of Sudan’s initiative to strengthen governance and security capacity-building, noting that the political process in Darfur must continue, noting that the government of the Sudan is committed to the political settlement of the Darfur issue, and that opposition parties and armed groups in the region have to abandon the means of military settlement, pointing out that Darfur is still facing challenges related to ethnic conflicts, IDPs and social and economic development, calling on the international community to provide humanitarian assistance and economic support to Sudan.