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The economic situation in Sudan which is affected by the political development as well as the security status of the country, since the advent of the demonstrations in December 2019, people have been talking about the future, they focus on economic issues that dominate the discussion of any Sudanese gathering group.
Since Friday 22nd of February, the economic activity has witnessed huge changes, namely the currency rate exchange and the price of the customs taxes which slow down from US$ 18 to US$ 15, while the rate exchange of dollar in the parallel market from US$ 75 to US$ 70, this move assures that the relation between politics and economy is like body and soul.
Despite the law of emergency, the livelihood and the prices of commodities will be improved; the law monitors the markets and prevents the chaos and anarchy of traders and businessmen who exploit the circumstances.
The policy of “monopoly” that had occurred in the markets contributed to impose unreal prices, even the domestic products that don’t cost any customs taxes also affected by this policy. So the fair application of the emergency law will make an economic balance and lead to good results in favor of the ordinary people, what is happening in the markets is something strange. The supply of the commodities is more than the demand of people, but it doesn’t lead to the decrease of prices, it contradicts the theory of “Supply and Demand”.
The law of emergency makes unity of prices, because the same products in the market have different prices, and it was increasing dramatically during the day, within the year of emergency which will end in 2020, the economic situation will improve, many reasons made me believe in the better economic era.
One of these justifiable reasons is the method of military institutions in running offices. In Sudan the military personnel enjoys qualification and strictness, these two elements characterized the eras of “military governments by great achievements.
I hope that the fair application to the decisions to find final solutions to the crisis people look forward good control and monitoring of prices, also the new era should concentrate on activating Sudan exports activities.

Mohamed Abdalla

Economic Vision
Mohamed Abdalla
Mohamed Abdalla

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