Round Table Conference to Allocate Over One Billion Dollars to Climate Affected Sectors

Najat Ahmed

Khartoum: The round table conference which started sessions yesterday in the Nigerian capital city of Niamey has come to a conclusion of allocating over one billion US Dollars to be invested in the sectors most affected by climate changes which will be financed at the level of 18 coastal countries.
Sudan’s delegation to the conference was headed by Vice President of the Republic Osman Mohamed Yousif Kibir whereby the papers presented in the conference touched on climate change and its impact on environment and humans.
Sudan’s Ambassador to Niger Gafar Mohamed Adam said Sudan’s participation in the summit was outstanding as it is linking point between all parts of the continent and it discussed the international concern of climate change and its impacts on life in all the territories of the participant countries in the summit.
He said control of climate change and reducing its impact is a concern of the eighteen participant countries.
For his part the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Environment Nour Al Din Ahmed Abdalla described the conference as of utmost importance and concluded with investing in six basic projects in the sectors affected by climate change.

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