Golden Recipe for the Final Exams’ Pupils

Ahmed Ibrahim Ballal

The ministry of education affirms that all preparations to start the exams of the Sudan school certificate (SSC) have been completed, going further to announce that the number of the pupils who will sit for SSC exams has reached 539098, explaining that the assigned centers for the purpose are 3944, both inside the country and abroad.
The ministry advises the pupils to stick firmly to this golden recipe; ‘to prepare early for the exams. To eat nutritious food. To sleep well. And to be sure that all the questions are answered, before desertion of the exams’ room’, adding that it has already adopted strict measures to deal with the safety of the exams, conspicuous among which is the installation of control cameras, warning that the use of mobiles is utterly prohibited.
In line, the undersecretary of the ministry of education, Dr. Al Tahir Hassan Al Tahir, said that all the administrative and technical arrangements that pertain to the exams have been completed, explaining that, ‘the exams are printed. The exams’ numbers are given to the pupils. And the persons who are to control and mark the exams have been chosen’.
He reveals that the financial accountabilities regarding the control and marking works have been increased 100%, pointing out that the exams are a national and family concern, indicating that the teacher who was involved in the leakage previously of the chemistry paper exam, has been criminalized by the court- beside the imprisonment of 14 years, he has to pay SDG 14000 as a fine.
With regard to the exams of the basic school certificate at the Khartoum state, it is announced that it is to start on this March 18. The director general of the state ministry of education, Abdalla Nasr, said that so far there are 152000 pupils who have been registered to sit for the exams, expecting that there is a possibility of increase of the number, especially through the emergency centers.
He indicates that the ministry will concentrate in the coming stage, ‘to rectify the track of the private education. Support of the literacy programs, till illiteracy is to reach zero levels with the advent of the year 2020. And the provision of support to the technical education and to remove all the problems that it has been plagued with’.
And the director general of the Khartoum state ministry of education concluded his remarks to say that the exams will be secured by more than 2700 personnel of the police.

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