A New Paradigm: About Isac Asimov’s Robot

According to a modern Japanese study, the flood of information in our era maybe have a negative impression on our brains, the study claiming that the human mind may be in a zero or closer demands to the explosion of data in nowadays, and the result of the study may be shocking to many of us: the more the human brain getting a space of thinking, the more of productivity and creativity we will gain.
So what? I guess it all about freedom! From my self-experience, okay, I was always a good reader, actually a books’ worm, it is that thirsty of knowledge, but in this huge ocean of books, philosophy, history, and an endless chasing of a new paradigm of knowledge, I forget the essential tool of learning: my own brain, my own thoughts, moreover, the purity of my own reflection to that data we forget: nature and existence data.
Well, this happens to all of us, we live in a world of crowding data, smartphones, cyberspace, and yes, an enormous quantity of books, even we forget our own ability to imagine and dream, according to Chris Morrison in his book Man Can not Stand Alone, the most important characteristic of the human being is our ability of imagination and traveling with our thoughts, our inner power is extra tremendous than we think, well, I guess we kill it by this huge attack from nowaday’s data stream.
Anyway, and I think this is one of the Japanese study alerts, it is not meaning to isolate our selves in an isle of fear, of course not, the essential point is how to organize our act with nowadays’ data stream, and at the same time to keep the vitality of our own thinking and creativity, it is all about reinvented, not just to recycle an antique thought, it is clear, according to the entire planet’s circumstances in policy, economy, even our social structure, that the moment is about how can we create new thoughts to face these global challenges?
Could this will be a further step? I guess it could, in his book I, Robot, Isac Asimov, one of the greatest science fiction writers in our age, we read that even those cold robots, in human’s future, feeling their needs to stop being a data container, this seems odd, but the message of the story is clear: even our technology could be harmful to us, decreasing our space, that precious human’s mind space.
So, just keep on thinking, create a new paradigm without fear or wearing masks of our social digital’s configuration, let your own motto be: my mind is not a commodity in a thoughts’ bazaar.

Ehab Abdelaziz

By: Ehab Abdelaziz
Ehab Abdelaziz
Ehab Abdelaziz

Ehab Abdelaziz

By: Ehab Abdelaziz easpace8@gmail.com

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