Expected Procedures to Reduce Gold Smuggling across Borders

 Neimat al Naiem

Khartoum-Lt Gen. Al-Tayeb Al-Musbah, Governor of the River Nile State, disclosed that procedures and arrangements should be taken to reduce smuggling Gold through the borders. He pointed to that a joint meeting will hold in this regard today Sunday in collaboration with the Ministry of Oil, Gas and Minerals, in coordination with the different stats.
River Nile new governor al Musbah explained in his meeting with the committee of the legislative council affairs at the Council headquarter in Al-Dammar, that the River Nile State is considered the way out to Sudan economic difficulties, pointing to the state potentials. He affirmed his state readiness to continue work for the best exploitation of the state’ resources.
Lt. Gen. Al Musbah added that revisions and procedures will be taken concerning agricultural investment, mining and controlling of the borders, and monitoring the basic commodities, disclosing that procedures will be taken to reduce smuggling among the different states.
He noted in press statements that a new era is began, depending on equality and justice for all components of the society. He added that his government in the River Nile is calling to work as one front for the sake of Sudan and the people.

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