Foreign Ministry: Troika Statement is Considered Interference in Sudan’s Internal Affairs

Najat Ahmed

Khartoum – The Sudanese Foreign Ministry said that the troika countries – the United Kingdom, the United States, Norway and Canada – statement on the declaration of the state of emergency in Sudan and the decrees taken under this declaration is interference in the Sudan’s private affairs .
In a statement from the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that the statement of the Troika countries is based on an implicit assumption that the three countries calling themselves “members of the troika” have a special mandate to deal with issues concerning Sudan and add as much as it wishes to other countries to this group, and this is not supported by international law or diplomatic standards, and cannot be accepted.
The statement said that the Troika statement neglected the comprehensive political initiative declared by President Al Bashir on February 2019 and concentrated only on the declaration of the state of emergency and the following emergency orders which are issued according to the constitution, considering that the state of emergency is recognized in the international law and practiced by several countries the latest of which is the national emergency state announced by President Trump and before that the Economical and Social State of Emergency announced by the President of France on December 2018.
The Foreign Ministry statement went on to say that the Troika statement neglected the President’s affirmation to protect human rights and freedoms besides achieving justice and completion of investigation in all the violation that accompanied dealing with the protests.
It was expected that the Troika statement welcomes the call of dialogue directed to all the political parties with encouragement of the youth to participate in that dialogue considering the President’s stand at the same distance from all the political parties.
The Foreign Minister renewed its commitment to positive involvement with all the international community parties provided the respect of the sovereignty and the independency of the countries besides respecting the rights of the people to decide who to run its affairs without foreign intervention.

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