Economic Vision: Sudan Economic Challenges

Sudan is the richest African country; it has various types of economic potentials and resources, the economic situation contradicts the fact, the variety of resources created different business opportunities.
But the question that poses itself is why Sudanese are poor? And why Sudan has categorized as a poor country, many factors behind the deterioration of the economy in Sudan.
I think the limitation of plans, I mean by limitation, that our experts and economists always focus on the domestic solutions, they don’t consider the regional and international dimensions, in 1960s or 70s the interaction among countries was limited, the volume of foreign trade so small, the technological revolution occurred new trade measures, mission and tools, even the conception of conventional economic theories has been changed, this fact has complicated the economic process.
The second point, is the economic sanctions imposed on Sudan in 1997 by US, it paralyzed the business activities in and outside the country, an international campaign were organized by US to damage Sudan economy system and structure.
The other reason is the corruption and public financial abusing, every year the general auditor announces the volume of billions of SDGs is abused by officials, whom affect the development, operations and destroy the services and infrastructure.
The most significant element contributed to the deterioration of the economy is the absence of law application, theoretically the government has set laws and regulations to monitor the economic reformation, practically the financial crimes don’t settled fairly.
Also the international intervention in Sudan domestic affairs, which affect the internal security and public order, all those reason contributed negatively to the economic movement, finally I do believe the “Economic Culture” of citizens who don’t invest time and don’t respect “Work” you find only one person in the household responsible for feeding the rest of the family member, those who became matured and young don’t work.
Families don’t inspire the value of labor in the hearts of the young people, as Sudanese we need to overcome all these challenges by setting well designed plan to address the above mentioned reasons.

Mohamed Abdalla

Economic Vision
Mohamed Abdalla
Mohamed Abdalla

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