Youth Sports Project to Address All the Sports-related Issues

Ahmed Ibrahim Ballal

Khartoum – Vice President, Dr. Osman Mohamed Yusuf Kibir, praised the initiative of the Sudanese national youth union (SNYU) to organize a gathering for the youth sport’s project (YSP) whose main aim is to create community momentum, affirming the sponsorship of the state for such a thing, pointing out that Sudan is qualified enough, and through its sport’s cadres, to achieve advanced levels in the sphere of sports.
While addressing the inaugural session of the gathering yesterday at the Buri police premises , Kibir said that YSP will contribute in the inculcation of sports values among the youth, adding that it is to function as unifying factor nationally.
The head of SNYU also addressed the gathering, stating that YSP, and through sports’ experts, will address all the issues that relate to sports in order to realize the slogan of ‘sports for all’, disclosing that SNYU is not going to be a replacement of the current institutions, rather a mere part and parcel of them, supporting their side.
He went on to say that they there is a response from the part of businessmen and clubs’ heads to finance SNYU’s activities.
Dr. Mohamoud Abdul Kareem, secretary of SNYU secretariat, reviews the plans that relate to YSP at both the state and federal levels, explaining that there will be a bigger mobilization project which will be announced soon.

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