Economic Vision: Austerity Measures

The economic reformation process was started immediately following the National Dialogue Initiative, the economic crisis and challenges were exposed through the economic committee which diagnosed the main problems.
The government organizational structure is considered as a key obstacle, billions of SDGs spend every month to fund the following commissioners, governors, ministers, advisors and legislative members at both state and federal levels.
In Sudan we have 18 states, more than 60 commissions; the number of ministers nearly 30, this large number is a result of the changes in 2018, during the former Prime Minister Mutaz Musa.
On 22nd of February the President of the Republic dissolved the governments at federal and state levels, the upcoming government will be led by the newly appointed Prime Minister, Mohamed Tahir Eila to reform the deteriorated economic situation.
The government reshuffling has an economic impact, the new cabinet should have to narrow, the minimizing of the cabinet members provides billions of money, and the outcome of limited executive bodies should be directed to development.
Thousands of the constitutional posts burdens the public treasury, we hope that the new cabinet members not to be more than 10 ministers, the legislative councils at states must be cancelled, as well as the commissioners, while in the state governments the number of the cabinet members required only the undersecretaries of the ministries, the organizational structure of whole country has impact on the ongoing economic situation.
The current Prime minister has an experience when he was a governor in Red Sea State, he ran the State at that time for a whole year without ministers and commissioners, he discovered billions of SDGs used to go to the interest of the constitutional officials and the same experience can be applied at federal level.
The austerity measures were announced by many governments through the political development to address the economic issues, the only advice to the new government is to “narrow” the cabinet and to shorten the States’ executive bodies.
The expected amount of money which can be generated from the austerity measures can push the development process and fund the services.

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