Expanding Africa ‘GGW Regional Workshop of Evaluation and Planning Restoration Activities 2019

Neimat al Naiem

Khartoum-The technical regional workshop of evaluation and planning restoration activities 2019 convened yesterday 4th March 2019 at Corinthia Hotel – Khartoum . The workshop aims to generate efficient and concentrate outcomes on large-scale land restoration challenges and successes in support of the Great Green Wall is organized with a participation Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan.
Dr. Mohamed Ali Al-Hadi, General Director of the Forests National Corporation FNC, addressed the opening session shed light on the importance of the workshop which is organizing in the context of efforts of combating desertification and drought in Africa under the umbrella of the Great Green Wall.
He pointed to that Sudan is one of the founder states of GGW, describing it as a strategic project for the African countries. Al Hadi explained that one third of the GGW lands are in Sudan, noted to the importance of diversity of the vital projects helping in controlling of desertification and drought.
He appreciated efforts of all participants, national, regional and international experts in combating desertification.
On his part, Dr. Babagana Ahmadu Resident Representative of Food Agricultural Organization FAO of the United Nations, Khartoum –Sudan said that the workshop came in the frame work of its activities to support implementation of Africa’s Great Green Wall through its Action plan against desertification.
Dr. Babagana explained that since 2007 , FAO has supported the GGW initiative as a game changer, helping 13 countries to develop their national action plans including Sudan from 2010-2013 .He added that today, this program is operational in six countries for the implementation of concentrate activities on the ground .
Babagana added that it is extended to the Pan- African Agency for the Great Green Wall and to five African countries including Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan.
He Expressed FAO commitment by deciding to develop the Action against desertification program in supporting the implementation of GGW. FAO also committed to support through the tools and approaches the member states in the large-scale restoration of degraded lands for the benefits of the present and the future generations.

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