Technical Committee between DDR for Refugees Commission to Intervene in Refugee Return Areas

Al-Sammani Awadallah

Khartoum – DDR and Refugees Commission agreed to set up a joint technical committee to draw up a vision for interventions and projects to be implemented in refugees return areas, strengthen coordination and joint action in the targeted areas, and seek to strengthen partnerships internationally and regionally to support projects and programs..
Refugees Commissioner, Hamad Al-Jozouli emphasized, uring his meeting with DDR delegation headed by Salah Al-Tayeb, emphasized the importance of complementarily of efforts between the two parties, stressing the interest of the Presidency of the Republic to rehabilitate returnee areas and provide livelihoods and stability, pointing to the need to pay attention to people with disabilities and the importance of coordination with the states to ensure the success of joint programs, stressing the importance of coordination in the enforcement of peace and community security projects carried out DDR with the support of donors with the programs and projects carried out by the refugees commission in the areas where there are refugees and returnees..
For his part, DDR Commissioner stressed the importance of this meeting, stressing the need to coordinate and strengthen joint programs, pointing to the importance of peace building programs and projects and community cohesion in the areas of return of refugees..
DDR Director of External Relations, Dr. Mahmoud Zain El Abidin said that the meeting aimed cooperation and coordination between the two parties and that there are many projects and joint programs..

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