Abdul Wahid Is the Mossad’s Ally against Sudan


The relationship between the head of Sudan Libration Army- Abdul Wahid (SLA-AW), the rebel Abdul Wahid al-Nur and Israeli intelligence agency (Mossad) started since the movement creation and it developed to close cooperation and one vision.
In Feb 2009 Abdul Wahid visited Israel and discussed with a senior Israeli official the situation in Sudan, then he established an office there, and Mossad is keeping support Abdul Wahid al-Nur since then.
Mossad ongoing support showed the close contact between Abdul Wahid and Israel.
Recently, SLA-AW has held a meeting in the area of ??”Trotanga” in Darfur to discuss a plan to carry out military operations against government sites in the states of Darfur and controlling the displaced persons camps, according to document obtained by SMC.
The document pointed out that Abdul Wahid addressed the meeting via satellite in the presence of the SLA-AW military leaders, and he directed the general commander Qadoura to implement these operations assisted by Mustafa Rukro.
The document also showed that the Mossad and other foreign parties will fund the process.
The meeting aimed at promoting for allegations of the government violation of the cease-fire.
In December 2018, the head of the Sudan National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) Salah Gosh said Mossad and SLA-AW behind the violent protests in the country, adding that most of 280 members of the holdout rebel group have been recruited by the Mossad to carry out sabotage and violent activities in some cities and the security services have managed to arrest (7) of them.
The relationship between Abdel Wahed and Israel has become clear since the Jewish organizations launched an media campaign to ignite the Darfur issue, starting with the Holocaust Memorial Museum, which was represented by the Committee of World Conscience headed by the Jewish Jew Giorgio Fauer, who is well known for his hostility towards Sudan.
Fauer issued a statement in 2003 saying there is a genocides in Darfur, and he held a series of activities and propaganda seminars to promote for the campaign.
Recently, senior leaders of SLA-AW, has accused Abdul Wahid of sizing money provided monthly by Israel to the movement via the movement’s office to support the movement’s field activity.
Israel has been closely associated with the rebel movements in general and Abdul Wahid in particular.  Israeli Organizations cooperated with Abdul Wahid and conducted an intensive activities over the past years in an attempt to ignite the flames of strife in Darfur.
In 2007, Israel announced the donation of $ 5 million to displaced people in the Darfur, and granted  more than 600 Darfur refugees asylum and work permits.

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