Al Bashir: Peace Remains the First Priority of the State

Najat Ahmed

Khartoum – President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir stressed that peace remained the first item in all the plans and programs of the state for its firm belief that war is an enemy of development and stability..
“During his meeting here yesterday with the leaders of the native administration in South Kordofan, Al-Bashir said that the state has chosen dialogue as the most effective way to stop the war and will continue in that till peace is taking place all over the country, pledging to achieve a just and comprehensive peace in South Kordofan, saying that Kordofan State is capable of providing a decent life for all its citizens, indicating that the state of South Kordofan targeted because it is the most areas of Sudan that has religious and communal coexistence and free of tribal and ethnic conflict, adding that young people and women are the victims of war in particular, pointing out that the extension of the cease-fire was intended not to hear the sound of a gun again the state.
For his part, Presidential Assistant, Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim said that the meeting of the leaders of the native administration in South Kordofan with the President of the Republic confirms the will of the people of the state and their determination to achieve peace, pointing out that the issues of identity and federal governance and peace issues resolved by the dialogue..
For their part, representatives of the native administration, community dialogue, women, youth and political parties in South Kordofan state affirmed their support for the recent decisions taken by the President of the Republic in the face of the current challenges, praising the extension of the ceasefire which had a great positive impact on the peace process and stability in the state, affirming their keenness to strengthen security and peace..

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