Gold and its Promising Economic Value to Sudan

Neimat al Naiem

Sudan is the Africa’s third –largest producer of Gold, after South Africa. It occurs in all parts of Sudan. Despite the security, environmental, political and economic challenges and risks associated with gold industry, gold production, which began a decade ago, has provided permanent and temporary employment opportunities for some 1.5 million Sudanese youth scattering in hundred mining sites in Sudan.
Reports estimated the number of the sites. No one knows the exact number of these sites for the continuous movement of those who work in conventional mining. More than 400 national and foreign companies are active in gold exploration .However; these companies’ accounts for only 20% of the total amount of gold produce each year, 2 million Sudanese miners work in conventional mining which produce 80%.
Gold has economic value supporting the national economy. Gold production increased around 2010, a year later after the session of South Sudan in 2011 when Sudan lost 70-75 % of its Oil and gas exiting in South Sudan. Exploration and production of Gold came at the top list of Sudan resources beside oil, and the natural resources.
Geologist consultant ,the former minister of oil , gas and mineral , Azhari Abdul Gadir stated in the press conference before the 4th Sudan International Mining Forum Exhibition , that Gold is exist in all geographic sites states of Sudan millions of years ago pointed to huge amounts in the River Nile state . Such statements and others reflect that Gold wills a way out of Sudan economic issues.
River Nile state Governor, Lt General Al-Tayeb Al-Musbah Osman recently issued many procedures to control gold exploration and producing in the mining sites in the River Nile the state . These procedures will reduce challenges and risks facing the miners in these areas.
Gold smuggling through the different borders or even the airports is one of the challenges facing gold mining production. More efforts and procedures should be taken to protect this important sector.
Chinese companies have developed and successful experience in gold mining taking HUKAN Chinese Company as a model which works in the River Nile state , provided unprecedented social services to the local community in the mining areas in the river Nile state .
Engineer Abul Karim Mohamed , gold production coordinator and supervisor gold production in the river Nile , and northern states ,at the Sudanese Mining Resources Company shed light on the great efforts exerted by SMRC in gold mining in the two states in particular for most of the sites exist in the river Nile and Northern states .
Raising awareness of the local communities in gold mining areas is one of the important requirements for the residents and the local citizens in these areas have clearly expressed their opposition to the activities of the mining companies.
National and foreign companies work in the mining areas, explained that they have had permissions from the government to invest and explore gold in gold mining. Gold is a master player in the Sudanese economy. Sudan has the opportunity to benefit from experience of the foreign companies like the Canadian and Australian, and South Africa ones.
It is high time to develop gold exploration, production and added gold industry, to enable Sudan to lead the African Countries not only in producing gold but also in gold industries.

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