Jabir Confirms Sudan’s Interest in Fighting Desertification and Drought

Najat Ahmed

Khartoum – Secretary General of the National Council for Environment, Abboud Jabir said that the regional workshop, organized under the umbrella of the Great Green Wall Initiative, is considered one of the most important issues to combat desertification and the prevention of the effects of drought, pointing to the great challenges and serious impacts of desertification and its impacts on sustainable development opportunities and their social and economic repercussions..
Addressing the opening session of the Regional Technical Workshop on Evaluation of Activities and the Preparation of Operational Plans to Prevent the Effects of Desertification, organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) with the participation of the countries of Eritrea, Djibouti, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Mauritania, Jabir praised the efforts of international organizations in the field of combating desertification, calling for more efforts at all levels to achieve the goal of combating desertification and preventing the effects of drought, revealing Sudan’s efforts to promote agriculture in the poorest regions for combating desertification, saying that Sudan intends to establish a regional observatory and center specialized in combating desertification and preventing the effects of drought, thanking the EU Delegation in Sudan for sending an expert to draft a memorandum of understanding in this regard to serve the countries of Sahel and Horn of Africa.
For his part, FAO representative in Sudan stressed the commitment of FAO to support the green wall programs of member states, pointing out that a study published in 2016 showed that 10 million hectares of land needed to be reconstructed along the wall, pointing out that the program now works with six countries including Burkina Faso , Ethiopia, Gambia, Niger, Nigeria and Senegal, stressing FAO’s support for the wall program to assist 13 countries to develop their national plans, including Sudan.
Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Hadi, Director of the National Forestry Authority, stressed the importance of the workshop and the wall as a strategic project for African countries to reduce the danger of desertification, pointing out its importance in creating biodiversity and creating diverse projects to accommodate the problems of the wall countries in relation to drought and desertification, expressing his thanks to all contributors, experts and the organizers of the Great African Wall Program for their efforts to combat desertification and to work towards the environmental and social stability of the countries of the African region..

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