Presidency Affirms Big Role of Sudanese Woman in Current Issues

Khalda Elyas

Khartoum: Vice President of the Republic Osman Mohamed Yousif Kibir has affirmed the significance of the role undertaken by the Sudanese woman in the current issues of the country namely political stability and women’s effect on people’s livelihood.
Kibir affirmed during his meeting at the Republican Palace with the delegation of the Sudanese Women Union headed by Dr. Ihlam Mohamed Ibrahim the Secretary General of the Union the his unlimited support to the programs and the projects of Women Union.
Dr. Ihlam Mohamed Ibrahim the Secretary General of the said Union said in a press statement that they have briefed the Vice President on the five –year strategy of the Union particularly the vision of the union for the year 2019 in this hinge stage the country is going through in addition to the current projects in this stage.
She announced the union’s support to the recent decisions of the President of the Republic for the stability and safety of the country.
She noted that the General Union of the Sudanese Women is aware of its political role noting that there are union’s projects streamlined in the political and economic axis and the axis of mobilizing the Sudanese nation for increasing production.

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