Sudan German Agricultural Exhibition Begins

Shadia Basheri

Khartoum-The Sudan German Agricultural Exhibition for food and packaging kicked off on Monday in Khartoum, the event was sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and participation of companies from Turkey, German, Belarus, French and number of Sudanese companies working in the field of agriculture.
The director of Investment and Partnership directorate at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Hayat Al-Haj has appreciated the participation of the biggest European companies, she assured that Sudan open its doors to companies and businessmen to invest in Sudan also he praised the organized company.
On his part, the German ambassador to Sudan said “Despite the critical situation and the challenges that face Sudan, the Ministry of Economy decided to participate in this event for the second time” he assured that German government encouraged the private sectors to set agricultural partnership with Sudanese companies and to provide agricultural equipments, the ambassador appealed to annual exhibition to realize beneficiaries to the all parts.
While the Turkish ambassador to Khartoum disclosed an idea of establishing Sudan Turkey Investment Bank in the near future, adding that Turkey has participated in the exhibition with 6 companies working in the field of solar power, packaging and agriculture.
On the same context, the Belarus ambassador to Khartoum resident in Cairo has confirmed the support of his country to Sudan saying that Sudan has huge agricultural potential which requires Belarus technicians; he praised the good coordination of the exhibition despite the current situation of Sudan.
The General Director of the German organized company appealed to larger participation, assuring the success of the exhibition, urging the German Ministry of Economy and Power to encourage the companies to organize the exhibition every year.
The member of Belarusian Chamber of Commerce Eugeniy told reporters that the volume of agricultural exchange between Sudan and Belarus totaled to US$ 13 million “There is orientations from the leaders of the two countries to increase the volume and we desire to establish industries in Sudan, we look for a partner to export food products to Sudan” said Eugeniy who informed that 10 Belarusian companies participated in the exhibition.
“Now we have 3400 Tractors operating in Sudan” concluded Eugeniy.

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