Effective Communication Training Workshop for Women Leaders Convenes at SWGU

Neimat al Naiem

Khartoum- Effective communication training workshop for women leaders at the Sudanese Women General Union SWGU began yesterday at SWGU headquarters (MAMA center) in Khartoum.
Ahlam Mohamed Ibrahim, Secretary General of SWGU addressed the opening session of the workshop affirming on the importance of the capacity building and qualification of women leaders and providing women with the skills of communication explaining the SWGU’s plan concentrates on three axis including communication , empowerment and impact . She added that communication will be horizontally covering all SWGU branches and grass roots scattering in the different states of Sudan, and vertically with their counterparts of women leaders and the concerned bodies.
SWGU’ secretary general explained that this workshop is organizing as inauguration of women celebrations with the International Women Day 8th March every year. She noted to the SWGU plan to solve the current Issues, and the activation of women role.
For her part, Mona Abdul Faraj, Human Resources secretary at the SWGU congratulated Women on their International Day 8th March. She said SWGU concentrated on the equality and education as parts of the 17 goals of Sustainable Development Goals SDGs. She added that the training workshop targeted women leaders at the SWGU as part of HR’ secretary plan for 2019. The three day workshop is organizing in collaboration with Better life Center and the TOT Dr. Tony Peter.

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