EMBASSY OF JAPAN Japan Supports the People of Sudan through Funding Four Development Projects in Health, Education and Landmine Clearance

Press Release

On the 3rd of March 2019, contract signing meetings for four new projects were held at the Embassy of Japan in Sudan. The projects supported are funded by Japan, through the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) scheme.

The projects target the health, education, and demining sectors and will be implemented through NGOs in different States detailed as follows:
– The Project for Improvement of Educational Environment at Turba and Al Hadari Girls’ Primary Schools in El Fasher City, North Darfur State. This project is to be implemented by Plan International- Sudan through a fund of USD 51,888.
– The Project for Providing Equipment for Humanitarian Mine Action Support. This project is to be implemented by JASMAR Human Security Organization through a fund of USD 99,804. The Demining equipment is to be utilized throughout landmine impacted areas in different Sudanese States.
– The Project of Improvement of Educational Environment at Al Tagato Primary School in Elrif Shergi locality, South Kordofan State. This project is to be implemented by Global Aid Hand through a fund of USD 62,553.
– The Project for Construction of Suri Village Health Care Center, Al Golid Locality, Northern State. This project is to be implemented Sanad Charity Foundation through a fund of USD 105,815.

The contract signing ceremonies were hosted by H.E. Mr. Shinji Urabayashi, the Ambassador of Japan to Sudan. Contracts were signed by Mr. Munier Mohammed; Plan International-Sudan’s Country Director, Dr. Hussien Elobeid; JASMAR Human Security Organization’s General Manager, Mr. Ismael Hagana; Global Aid Hand Organization’s CEO, and Ms. Samia Mohamed Osman; Sanad Charity Organization’s General Manager.
The aim of the education sector projects is to ensure access to primary education in a safe, hygienic and structurally sound environment for Primary School students in both North Darfur and South Kordofan States. With the new construction of these schools, approximately a total of 722 students are expected to start their schooling in a safe and healthy learning environment.
The health sector project is aiming at the provision of better, affordable, and accessible health services for Suri Village in Al Golid Locality at the Northern State where the Suri Health Care Center will provide maternity services to assist in protecting mothers’ and newly born babies’ lives, along with the provision of all other required medical assistance for Suri and its surrounding areas.
The demining project aims at the clearance of conflict affected areas from landmines and Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) that continue to pose a significant threat to the lives of IDPs, returnees, vulnerable population, and to the flow of humanitarian action in post conflict areas.
At the contract signing meetings, Ambassador Urabayashi, emphasized the importance of health, education and landmine clearance in human security and the impact these sectors have on the overall development process in Sudan.
Dr. Hussien, Mr, Munier, Mr. Ismael, and Ms. Samia expressed their appreciation for Japan’s continuous support to Sudan in various development sectors. They also expressed their hope that this grant will further develop the cooperation between Japan and Sudan.

Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots and Human Security Projects (GGP) is designed particularly to support the community-level socio-economic projects that address Basic Human Needs (BHN) such as access to health, water and sanitation, education, skills development, and other means to maximize opportunities for individuals. GGP’s approach reflects the Government of Japan’s strong commitment to uphold the notion of ‘Human Security’ as basic human rights for all. All individuals, in particular vulnerable people, are entitled to freedom from fear and freedom from want, with an equal opportunity to enjoy all their rights and fully develop their human potential. By directly supporting the projects implemented by grassroots organizations, GGP encourages bottom-up efforts by the local communities, and realizes their empowerment.

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