Indian Embassy Celebrates ITCE Day

Elham AlShaher- Shadia Basheri

On the 28th of February, the Indian Embassy in Khartoum, celebrated the ITEC /SCAP day and invited those who participated in the said programs, so as to share their experiences and feedback about the training program as well as their stay in India, which lasted for two months. The Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation program was instituted in 1964 as bilateral program of assistance of the government of India predicated on underlying belief that it was necessary to establish relations of mutual concern and inter-dependence based not only on commonly held ideals and aspirations but also on solid economic and technical foundation .
ITEC has evolved and grow over the years with its sister program, Special Commonwealth African Assistance Program (SCAP), covering 161 countries in Asia, Africa, east Europe ,Latin America, Caribbean and Pacific countries and wherein these partner countries are invited to share the Indian developmental experience acquired over seven decades of Indian existence as a free nation for civilian training program ,around 12000 scholarship are being offered to ITEC/SCAAP partner countries.
The Indian Ambassador said that Sudan is the largest recipient of Indian capacity building program, such as ITEC in the Wana region, affirming government and the people of India standing steadfastly with the government and people of Sudan and to “help our Sudanese brothers and sisters in their growth and development through sharing our experiences .

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