So Far SSCE Sticks Firmly and Tightly to the Prescribed Academic Texts

Ahmed Ibrahim Ballal

Khartoum – The undersecretary of the ministry of education and the chairperson of the Sudan school certificate exams (SSCE), Dr. Al Tahir Hassan Al Tahir, said that SSCE have been noticed as going on smoothly and progressively.
In a related development, the head of the Khartoum state’s education trade union (KSETU), Abdalla Babikir, said that the union has conducted an inspection visit, covering seven localities to find out that the attendance in them amounts to 100%.
KSETU’s secretary general, Dr. Abdalla Babikir Abdul Majid, praises the efforts exerted by the teachers who have been participating in the exams’ tasks, expressing their full trust in the participants in SSCE to conclude them securely and successfully.
However, some pupils who have been investigated randomly by Sudan Vision affirm that so far SSCE sticks firmly and tightly to the prescribed academic texts and have never been deviating from this.

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