SWGU Celebrates the International Women’s Day

Neimat al Naiem

Khartoum- Sudanese Women General Union (SWGU) conveyed congratulations to women worldwide on the occasion of the International women Day (IWD 8th March).
SWGU addresses today the whole world through a speech tackling Sudan women’s vision towards her sisters’ worldwide. The occasion takes place at the SWGU headquarter (MAMA) in Khartoum with the distinctive participation of women from the different political parties, Civil Society Organizations, NGOs.
Ahlam Mohamed Ibrahim, Secretary General of the SWGU shed light on this occasion in an exclusive interview to Sudan Vision to be published within the celebrations of IWD. She explained that the SWGU used to celebrate the IWD in different shapes including festivals, events.
She sends messages to the Sudanese women to play major role in Sudan stability, pointing out to those women who have had a role in unifying their visions in the national issues. She urged the equivalent International Organizations to support SWGU realize their development projects.
SWGU expressed full support to the Presidency resolutions and decrees, through women national campaign to support the political stability in Sudan.
Regarding the SWGU policies and strategies during this round (2019-2024), Ahlam explained that they work on three aspects communication (Vertical with their counterparts’ bodies, horizontal with their braches and grass roots in all states of Sudan), empowerment and Impact.
She added that SWGU projects also include peace building, and capacity building of women in all states, particularly in the Darfur states and the two areas of South Kordufan and the Blue Nile as war affected areas, noting to the voluntary return programs and development.
SWGU secretary General Ahlam Mohamed Ibrahim noted to the SWGU future vision serving Sudanese women through social and economic huge programs of microfinance of SDGs 1 billion to present to groups of productive women to implement their projects.

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