The National Legislature Forms Committee to Study the Emergency Law

Mohamed Babiker / Elham Al-Shaher

Khartoum – The National Legislature witnessed yesterday the tabling of the Emergency Law No. 6 and five other emergency orders announced by the President of the Republic, Filed Marshal Omer Al-Bashir on February 22 and the orders and measures attached thereto, presented by Minister of Justice, Mohamed Ahmed Salim, who explained the reasons and justifications of emergency declaration.
Salem said that the emergency decision did not affect the freedoms and that the courts that were formed are civil courts and not military and judges are recognized for integrity and justice, referring to the negative decision of the state of emergency in the country, which restricts the movement of citizens, calling for lifting it as soon as possible.
For his part, Speaker of the National Legislature, Prof. Ibrahim Ahmed Omer, reviewed the reasons for issuing and declaring the state of emergency, presenting full explanation of the articles of the Constitution, the law and the regulations that grant the President of the Republic the right in declaring the state of emergency, referring to the annexes, procedures and measures attached thereto, praising the attendance of the members, reviewing the measures to be taken by the national legislature in the formation of the emergency committee to study the emergency law, where the national legislature approved the emergency committee headed by Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Maulana Ahmed Mohamed Al-Tijani, Deputy President of the Council of States, Dr. Yousef Habani as his deputy and other members.

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