SWGU Concentrates in (2019-2024) Term on Peacebuilding in War-affected Areas: Ahlam

Neimat al Naiem – Photo: Mula Abdul Sadiq

Khartoum – In the context of the celebrations with the International Women Day 8 March, Sudan Vision conveyed congratulations to all women worldwide on their day, and seized the opportunity to conduct an exclusive interview with the Sudanese Women General Union SWGU’ Secretary General Ahlam Mohamed Ibrahim before her departure to participate in CWS in New York in the coming days. Ahlam shed light on the occasion of the IWD, and detailed on Sudanese women contribution and participation in these special occasion of women in Sudan and abroad.
SWGU, Ahlam warmly welcomed Sudan Vision Reporter, Neimat al Naiem, expressing her deep thanks and gratitude to the paper – Window of Objectivity – through which she will send her strong messages to all women world wide.

Q: Thank you Ahlam Mohamed Ibrahim, Secretary General of the SWGU for giving this opportunity to address Sudanese Women and all women in the World, who are celebrating their day 8 March, your message?
A: Yes, thanks for coming to the SWGU’ headquarter (MAMA Center), we convey our congratulations and greetings to the Sudanese women and the women everywhere in the world with their day 8 March, that women are used to celebrate it every year.
Q: How does SWGU usually celebrate this day?
A: Sudanese Women General Union (SWGU) with its all branches all over the states of Sudan is accustomed to celebrate this occasions in many shapes and forms including events, festivals, training workshop on capacity building of women. This year we addressed Sudanese women and their sisters all over the world in a formal speech tackling women participation, women vision towards Sudanese women and their sisters in the world. The speech focused on the major role in sustainable development (SDGs), peace, stability, social peace; besides honoring of one of the Sudanese women Rehab Hussein Shabo, General Manager of Hayat Center for combating addiction and drugs among the youth, for her distinctive role in curbing addiction and drugs, and rehabilitation of the youths to play their expected role as future leaders.

Q: On this occasion, Sudanese women played political role in the different governments that ruled Sudan, your comment?
A: I think Sudanese woman is the focal point in the society. She has multi roles to play, the Sudanese society with its all components depend on woman. If you look to the distinctive scholars and prominent figures and the youth protestors and even the armed groups and rebels all of them came out from a Sudanese families and from a Sudanese Women. So women have obtained early their rights in the political process as Parliament Members, Ministers, Ambassadors, Judges, Lawyers, and Governors of states, and at the top of many governmental and non-government bodies We expect more strong and effective role of women in Sudan.

Q: The recent Presidential decrees and resolutions issued by the President Omer Hassan Ahmed al Bashir, what is the women vision towards such decisions?
A: We do support all those decisions, and believe that women will do lots in this regard. We organized women national campaign to face the current situations and expected requirements for the coming era. This women national campaign is headed by an SWGU committee, and the membership of women from the different political parties, such as the forum of Women at the political parties, Working Women Association (WWA), some national women, academicians.

Q: Would elaborate on the aims and objectives of this women national campaign?
A: Women national campaign is mainly to support political stability in Sudan, it works through four aspects including political one which calls for adherence to the national dialogue, and we say from SWGU that doors are open to join the national dialogue and the process; to adhere to the national dialogue document, and also to add a positive contribution. The second represented by values aspect which concentrate on sending messages to the whole society and the youth in particular to have their share in stability of Sudan, these messages of raising awareness and keeping security, social peace, should be through female teachers and their direct role in correcting the misconceptions and negative practices in the society as well as the family. Beside the female Judges and Lawyers in protecting human rights, in addition to the other female leaders in their different specializations doctors, engineers, journalists in the urban and rural areas of Sudan.
The third one is the productive aspect. Our vision for 2019 depends on three focal points representing into the effective communication horizontally by creating good relations with the SWGU and the concerned bodies of women, vertically through partnerships and networking, employing all experiences and qualifications of Sudanese women.
We say that all doors of the SWGU are widely open to any Sudanese girl over 18 years old to join this effective participation as she likes without any restriction or limits. For the reason that SWGU is simply an umbrella for all Sudanese women and each has the right to join it and benefit from it. The second point is the empowerment of women which mean the serious work to provide the required needs of the SWGU to enable it to implement its promising projects and programs. The third point is the impact, we means the evaluation and assessment by determine the indicators of this assessment and evaluation. As we mentioned before SWGU has general target that we are still working to realize it for the sake of all Sudanese women.
The fourth aspect is the women endowment, that an endowment given by the governments in the different states to the women. It is a productive endowment (agricultural or animal) or commercial, its profits to deliver to the women who take care of her family, if she is displaced or at the camps, a mother of orphans. We also have Hope Female Foundation which financed more than 815 women. We look for giant women groups projects started from 30 women to be finance with at least SDGs 1 billion to implement success developmental projects own and manage by women.
We adopt Shura as a method and discipline for our work in the SWGU with its all components and administrative levels, we regularly revise our plans and strategies, visions and policies through our regular conferences, workshops, meetings from the top of the SWGU to its all branches and grass roots in all states of Sudan.

Q: What about the SWGU external relations and participations at the regional and international levels?
A: Sudanese Women General Union SWGU has regular external participations at the regional and international level, at the Committee of Woman Situation CWS in the Socio-Economic Council in New York, Human Rights Council of the UN in Geneva. We have strong partnership with the Chinese Women Union CWU; the SWGU is a member in the Sino-Arab Women Forum. We are member in the Consultative Council at the African Union AU.
SWGU has good bilateral relations with its counterparts unions and organizations in the Afro-Arab World. We receive regular invitations to take part in events organized by these unions and organizations.

Q: Do you satisfy with the Sudanese women participation in these forums at the regional and international levels and what is your message to the world community?
A: We are extremely satisfied with our distinctive relations with women worldwide, we as women representing the Sudanese women, we have to play an effective role, and to contribute and participate to reflect and show the real image of Sudanese Woman abroad. We call on the world community and the equivalent organizations to the SWGU through Sudan Vision to play their role towards the Sudanese Women and to provide support to the SWGU to implement its real multi projects and programs working for the sake of women and realizing sustainable development goals particularly for women.

Q: SWGU has strategy, plan, policy and vision of 2019, would please elaborate on this?
A: Yes, as I mentioned before SWGU has its strategy and plan its vision of the year 2019 as part of the comprehensive strategy of the SWGU, we concentrate in the this round 2019-2024 on peace building in the war-affected areas, in Darfur states through the programs of voluntary return, positive excellence, beside transforming and shifting the successful experiences from these areas which are now witnessing stability, beside the Blue Nile and South Kordofan areas. We think that peace building is the most important topic for this year, in addition to the capacity building of the Sudanese women representing by the transformative and small scale industries, establishment of small projects and the projects management. We have also the huge project of (Our food from our homes ) to enable the Sudanese woman to become productive family to fill the gap of her personal needs and increase the income ,by cultivation some crops at homes or producing some products, through microfinance in collaboration with the SWGU.

Q: Do you receive assistance from any financial bodies?
A: We convey our deep thanks and gratitude to Zakat Chamber as essential partner to the SWGU in implementing some of its projects and providing support, we call Zakat Chamber (The real companion all the road) for it has unlimited economic and social partnerships, beside Daawa programs .

Q: SWGU is one of the strongest women gathering and successful programs and work on the society, what is your message to the SWGU and the women in general?
A: This SWGU an umbrella to Sudanese women with their different belongings and political parties consists headed by the Secretary General, has 7 assistants to the 15 secretariats each one has planning council including the political economic development and training through Human Resources. Its 28, 000 members are distributed in all states of Sudan. We send our message to SWGU to stick to Sudan stability and development. Women will succeed in unifying Sudan vision towards solving the internal issues to full peace security and stability of Sudan.

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