Hardships should be Overcome via Practical Progressive Solutions: Basheri

Ahmed Ibrahim Ballal

Khartoum – Teeba Press (a media platform) and at its premises in Khartoum, holds a symposium titled, ‘the initiatives; a manifestation of crises or a method for solutions?’
The symposium has been hugely attended by participants; experts, academicians, politicians, pressmen, etc. To begin with, there is Professor Yousif Fadl, former vice chancellor of Khartoum University, who talked elaborately about the political initiatives that have been presented so far, advising that they should be amalgamated into only one which is to be chaired by a national character if it is to become a physical reality on the ground.
Nabeel Adeeb, lawyer, said that the initiatives are a manifestation of crises as well as a factor solutions simultaneously, pointing out that they should all recognize that there is a crisis. ‘The recognition should not come from the ones who initiate the initiatives, but rather from the other sides of the argument’.
The member of the national coordination organ for rehabilitation and construction, Al Shafee’ Ahmed Mohamed, said that they should exert utmost efforts to safeguard the country from the ills it is now in, advising that they should work hard to overcome differences if they are to march forward progressively.
Tahani Abbas, participant, said that the initiative of president Al Bashir is good, affirming that they are all aspiring for solutions to rescue the country from the quagmire it is in presently.
And Amar Abdul Al Rahman Basheri of the national congress party, said that Al Bashir’s address is comprehensive and objective and that it opens the door widely for solutions, explaining that the address has mainly revolved around dialogue, concluding his remarks like this; ‘ the present hardships that face the country should not be changed through dreams, but rather through practical progressive solutions’.

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