Quality Products Contribute in Dominating the Market: Belarusian Ambassador

Shadia Basheri

The Country of Belarus is one of the most countries with natural resources and has a pattern of industrial production in heavy machinery, in addition to agricultural products and agricultural machinery, especially heavy ones, such as tractors. It is one of the largest agricultural countries in Europe and is experiencing great activity in the country because of the presence of water resources and livestock for commercial purposes. , Belarus produces textiles and wood as basic products. The bilateral relations between Sudan and Russia have deepened following the exchange of visits of the presidents of the two countries and resulted in the signing of the agreements Sudan wanted to benefit from the experience of Belarus in the industrial and agricultural fields following the visit of the Minister of Agriculture of Belarus to Khartoum, who promised to turn the Sudanese agricultural sector into an active sector and establish packages of factories to cover the need Country of exports
The State of Belarus participated in the Sudanese-Belarusian Exhibition with 10 companies. The exhibition was accepted and appreciated by the visitors. At the official level, Sudan Vision met with the Belarusian Ambassador to Sudan, Sergei Rachkov, at the exhibition. He held the dialogue to reflect the intimate relations between the two countries.

Q: In the beginning we would like to know your participation in the Sudanese/German exhibition in Khartoum?
A: In fact, we are participating for the first time in the Sudanese-German exhibition in the second edition with a large delegation consisting of 10 companies from major Belarusian companies working in the fields of food, grain harvesters, fodder harvesters, cotton harvesters, Mansak factories for cars, tractors and heavy agricultural machinery. They have 100,000 workers from ten companies such as Spartak. For example, the Mig Group for Agricultural Lilies and the Yeast Factory, all these groups came to Sudan to find a promising market and partnerships with the Sudanese private sector
Q: To what extent can Belarusian products compete with other countries in the world?
A: Quality and fame is the control of the competition and we are confident of that and the quality of the Belarusian goods we export to the world including Europe South and North Africa found satisfaction from our customers.
Q: How much is the volume of trade exchange in Belarus and Sudan?
A: The volume of trade exchange was below our aspirations. Until 2018 was $14 million we want to raise it higher than that
Q: What is the mechanism to upgrade the trade exchange?
A: The industrial sector in Belarus is preparing for a high jump, including the joint work, establishment of factories in Belarus and its settlement in Sudan, as well as the establishment of Sudanese factories in Belarus and the transfer of modern technologies through assembly lines
Q: What facilities can be provided in Belarus for the Sudanese investors?
A: We have free zones but it needs to be increased and certainly we have a facility and a law to take into consideration the investor and if the production line was opened in the free zone areas.
Q: There are agreements between the heads of the two countries, please brief us on its implementation?
A: Belarus has a desire to establish a factory for drying, processing and producing dairy for various types of manufacture, which is good for the industry.
Q: So what facilities can be offered to the foreign investor, such as the Sudanese?
A: Belarus has an investment law that takes into account the rights of foreign investors from all sides as we have free zones, all this helps the foreign investor to enter into investments
Q: How do you see the Sudan now and you are participating in the exhibition?
A: Sudan is at its best, it is safe; and because of that we came to participate in the exhibition.
Q: What is the position of the State of Belarus regarding the lifting of Sudan from terrorism list?
A: Belarus is one of the friendly countries to Sudan and we do not allow any harm to Sudan and our country as a member in the UN is not in favour of imposing sanctions on countries.
Q: Would like to know the position of the State of Belarus on the implementation of agreements concluded with Sudan in advance?
A: Belarus has the desire to help Sudan in the construction and opening of lines to deal with dairy products for the manufacture of various types and also the establishment of protected houses for agriculture for the vegetable industry, especially that Belarus is famous for agriculture and has high quality crops and also share expertise in the conservation of crops, especially wheat beside the construction of silos and the establishment of a company The contract was signed in December last year with Sudanese companies
Q: What are the chances availed for investment cooperation between the two countries?
A: The presence of a delegation of 10 Belarusian companies is evidence of the firm desire to open investment channels with Sudan. The meeting was attended by businessmen of the two countries and fruitful trade deals, as well as members of the chamber of commerce as we participated in German/ Sudanese exhibition last year.

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