Kush Sets Initiative to Overcome Gold Smuggling

Khalda Elyas

Khartoum – The Kush limited Company for exploring and mining has urged Sudan government to enable the big companies to buy the “Rocks” which gold comes from.
The Company appealed to more freedom to buy rocks from the domestic workers to prevent smuggling and using of mercury.
The public information advisor of the Company Mohamed Ali, has stated that the Company initiated an idea to buy the golden rocks directly from the conventional mining workers without any government obstacles.
“This move encourages the use of the modern technology and good an attractive offer to domestic producers” said Mohamed.
“Kush Company is one of the biggest Companies operating in the field of gold mining, in 2014 the Company has been authorized to operate in Wadi Oshar “Higher locality in the Red Sea State square 30, in 2015 the Company started mining, in 2016 it produced gold products, currently our Company exploring in some areas in South Kordofan State in collaboration with Sudan and Russia as strategic partnership” added Mohamed.
In the context, he told that Kush is a Russian Company originally, but after production it has signed a partnership with Sudanese government, it has changed its name to AL Yanse Company.
“The Company applies the modern technology in all operations, also it bears its social responsibilities “We constructed school in Al Galabat, water network, rehabilitated number of schools and allocated 40% for local employment.
The advisor assured that the precious natural resources such as “Gold” were smuggled due to the lack of borders monitoring.
“Again I urge the government to accept our initiative to allow the big Companies to buy the gold raw materials from the local producers to overcome smuggling” concluded Mohamed.

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