Launching of the Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop for (SSMNRP)

Sudan Vision

Khartoum – The National Coordinator of Sudan Sustainable Natural Resources Management Project, (SSMNRP) Ibrahim Dokha Al-Bashir stressed the importance of monitoring and evaluation in development and in all aspects of life. He said in his speech to the follow-up and evaluation workshop organized by the sustainable natural resource management project that any program or project that has no follow- One of the most important activities to be aware of, pointing out that it is a renewable science and said that the purpose of the workshop, which included various disciplines in the resources of nature from the forests and pastures and wildlife of the six implementation states, namely the island and Kassala and White Nile and Shama North Kordofan and River Nile is to benefit all partners and said that any work or evolution is linked with information confirming that the developed world is interested in collecting and analyzing information and stressed the importance of follow-up and said that it is leading to change.

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