Thanks to Allah: Distraction People to What!

I am reminded of this quote ,which said by Abraham Lincoln ’so you can fool some of the people all of the time ,all of the people some of the time ,but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time’’ I came across this quotation in the Dr. James Zogby, and by the way am very fond of his column ,he writes from his hearts speaks from his conscious, all with rights ,so you never bored his speeches, the above quote bears several meanings ,now here id to remind my beloved readers of it ,next issue it is going to be my main address.
Proves indicated that ,there is great need to relook more and more and from time to another ,on the meaning of some words and general understanding that dominated our societies, specially her in our country Sudan, Hardships are increasing to knee our beloved country, some people claim that we must obey other and bend our ethics to let the wind pass safely, Neglecting that if you sell your morals, your dignity never come back ,by the time your are going to be bad example for failures’ a and losers who had sold their state for handful of money.
Dreams never bring realities on the ground, On  contrary it brings frustrations and black clouds to our lands, instead of raining water it rains crisis, Look round you now what we have reaped from following others ,specifically religious less, those who worship materials and believe in money, never think at all of the creator who created every good for humanity, what is the result of never confessing that there is unseen power who drive the world to its ends, more and more problems are happening between folks, fighting each for trivial reasons that not deserve to be mentioned even ,forgetting the end of our being is the main cause of our suffering, unless we reconcile with  ALLAH more and more suffering are going to happen to remind the people that the great power is exist, and able to move the world in moments to the correction day.
Majority of the Africans people are not well aware where to find good, or even don’t know how to distinguish between what is good and what is bad for their nations, not everything manufactured in a Europe is well suit for our people here, The method of thinking by some elite must be change for the good of us, foreign culture never suit our communities specially that connected with total freedom, every tribe in our continent has her own conditions according to her geographical location, that we know from our societies, mainly simple ones, they care about their daily live things, they don’t know even the simplest things that concern the live movements, they just want to go to the forest to bring their need of wood to cook their food, or go to the farm to fetch vegetables or milk ,these are our simple and highest dreams ,to live in in peace to have our needs without suffering or adding chemicals materials to them, live without hostilities full of joy and pleasure ,till the colonizers came ,Have changed every normal to un-normal thing in our daily life, Natural things of live have run back so many years, things aren’t the same, even the people have change the way walking, dressing ,talking, eating, building ,even the style of greeting each other when they meet, as a result the day is not the day and the night is not the night.
When revolutions against colonizers came, the pulled out from their country, the colonizers and those who cooperate from the natives with them, but what happened later, the culture remain steady and the body went, the tongue of most African countries have followed the ex colonizer, we speak, communicate with their tongue, we rule each other with their rules, what left to bring them back, just their bodies, what a bad luck, to be as you made by your manufacture!
Regretful to say that we are now freed from colonizers and when we turn our heads left and right we don’t see them, but we feel their presence among us through their conceptions, thoughts, understandings, sorry to see the remains of well made by education, to serve foreigners agenda.
Some people imagine that, or pretending to be clever, that their right in expression is to stop general life moving ,by setting in, demonstrations, closing roads, insulting officials, or even destroying the public facilities don’t know how to deal with such persons, majority are educated or pretending to be like that, nothing will stop modern life more than exploiting rules to be as tools to get personal things, mounting traditions and customs is not an excuse to convince states to come down to you, governors are elected to guide their people to best of the best, to bring to them every good, and protect them from every bad.
Realities are clear now for every human being that ,it is easy to throng every mount of people so as to compel l the government to do what you want, rallying people to push the state towards you corner will not help building our country ,the right way o do is to address the nation through mass media which is the widest in the African and Arabian countries, The space of expression in our country in our country is not found in most of the Africans and Arab states, This fact is said by the majority of the professionals journalists in the world.
Freedom, never be tool for sabotaging and looting in our country, differences are the life system but not all way to unit people, lessons are clear for wiser to learn what have happened foe the states whose people tried to use the way demonstrations to solve their matters, most of this place now are destroyed and their people have become refugees begging for food and water and shelter.
Observed that most of the countries who have refused to be led the super powers are now facing the fate of suffering from created chaos and internal differences, regretful to mention that most of our people are easy going by those losers who dream to lead our country
To its death, nothing of that to happen because faithful, loyalists, lovers to our country are much, beside wises are a lots, they have to ability to master everything that may harm our people, at the same time are clever enough to detect those who want to deceive our simple people by promising them bright future, we the the land to planted, the animal wealth to be generated ,metals to be exploited, over that man to manage every grace we have, we need just worship Allah through our work. How is that not to forgive corruption, thieves, betrayers, those who want to build  their character  over passing on our bodies are not real Sudanese, who ever to feel that yesterday enemies are his today friends is deceived, sooner or later is going he will know the bitter fact which written in our holy book about those people!
When Allah say something about his slaves, believe in it, because he create all of us,knows us more than ourselves, science never change nature it may beautify, but never change its course, look at the water current never goes  on opposite direction, from the north to the south ,always goes from south to the north, what is the theory of this, it is the creator who want it to be like that, hence human beings never change their nature unless they change their religious which the gear of everything in our life.
Our role today is how to convince our people’ what  is done on our land nowadays it doesn’t look like us ;is not doing good for our beloved country, being short minded, easy going, simple in your thoughts, and your estimations, will definitely harm your country: by the time, how to know your friends from your enemies is very important, it doesn’t make wise sense when you differ with your brother to resort to  yesterday enemies, those who had stolen your wealth once; today are trying to come from the window to take the other remain wealth! When do we understand well that foreigners aren’t the best judges for our cases!
The main cause which simple thinkers are always fall in, is believing that outer courts are the main ground for solving their problems, these facilities are not made to disseminate peace, but on the contrary is to divide poor countries, who sow the seeds of differences, frictions, and disorder in all the colonized lands, is the colonizers themselves those who are mastering all the influenced organizations in the world, today’s world is build on interests, not morals, not religions, today’s world is guided by unbelievers, those who are eating and drinking only, without thanking the inventor who invite them to his feast, not shame to take even the leftover of the feast, what a shame!

Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed

Brigadier - Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed
Thanks to Allah
Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed
Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed

Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed

Brigadier - Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed Thanks to Allah Email:

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