Women and Gold, Its Economic Value and as Accessories

Neimat al Naiem

Khartoum – Gold is one of the precious minerals Worldwide , it is characterized with its sparkling shimmering and attractive color whenever you see it, you say Wow. It has many different uses centuries ago, as a coin, for decoration .Women have special and intimate relation with Gold. Despite its high prices, but still come at the top list of accessories used by women. It is spread worldwide having different shapes and manes according to its value of the pure gold, its models, and fashions. Women usually wear gold in different social occasions, and as gifts between couples, friends, and relatives.
Since early first civilizations and up to now, Queens and princesses among the Royal families, used gold, and women in general, they use gold for multi-purposes. Gold is still used among rich and poor women, old and young. It is hasn’t any barriers , it is an international mineral crossing borders as raw material then return back home fabricated as jewelries and accessories with attractive designs, shapes and names.
Some women believe that wearing gold is a kind of prestige shows the richness and high status of life they live. Others describe it as store for saving money. Gold prices are generally related with the hard currency for it’s an international mineral, so its prices ups and downs are simultaneously with the stability or increase and decrease of these hard currencies.
Nowadays, and regards to fashions, collections and the continuous increasing development in the society all over the world, some women prefer to use other precious minerals or cheaper ones. They use the precious stones, silver, marble, copper, wood or plastic, glass.
Sumeiya AbdulGadir and Shajan Mergani from Sudan Vision staff said they prefer colored accessories, and the colored gold, to gold despite its high value and shininess and brilliant, for many reasons represented into such colored accessories can be wore and match any kind of clothes day and night, and any season. They added these accessories are cheaper than gold and available at any time. Sometimes it is difficult to buy gold for its high prices, Sumeiya and Shajan said. They added that they do love gold, and they have gold, they believe in its real value as important women accessory and decoration.
Ishraga Hassan Gasmallah, senior staff at the National Council for Training NCT, Ministry of Labor, explained that gold is gold, she believes in its real economic value, pointed to the high jack of gold prices of gold in the last few years and before she believes in its value as women accessory and decoration


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