Can We Excel in Ethics?

We, as third world country lag far behind the progressed countries in almost every arena. To change and to improve we have first to admit that fact. Here I am not going to count or cite already obvious or widely acknowledged aspects, to the extent needless of proof or drawing attention to. Nowadays, everyday there float to the surface tens of thousands of new inventions, discoveries and patents, without being announced or celebrated, except when the Nobel Prize declared, which because of its nature, awarded only to those who have discoveries or inventions of paramount importance, and have the greatest impact on human beings’ life, and announced publicly on the international level.
Here, I am focusing on the ethical side, frankly and without any opacity, which depicts our behavior generally. Ethical aspects have multiple facets. Many firmly believe that they are more adhering to ethics than those on the other side of the globe. The latter have robust and effective laws and mechanism to combat political, economic, financial and social corruption. Let us not sink deep in indicating the fighting of financial corruption, by those progressed countries, that may involve the top political position, without impunity. They are more reserved in issues such as alcohol, adultery and molesting, let alone their fierce war on drugs and human trafficking. They are the first to initiate prohibiting public smoking, then third world countries followed, as in every good practice. Lying is widely considered as serious offence and crime.
On the humane arena; the progressed are far ahead of us. They treat weak and indigent with strong support, reflected in laws defending their rights. For example, child law, that details protecting them even from violations committed even by their own parents, or close relatives that would have serious psychological traumas and diseases in future. They provide mechanisms to guarantee every human being lives in pride and due honour, as Allah Almighty himself desired and intended in the first place. Those who are, for any reason, don not have income, the government provides monthly income that covers all the bills, so as not to be forced to beg others. We do not pay due attention to that, although our great religion had been the first to attract care for that significant aspect, through enacting Zakat, and considered it one the main five pillars of Islam. Regretfully, our experiment, which is the unique in our today modern world, has failed to achieve its goals both socially and economically.
A phenomenon one notices in the business offices; whether public or private, is the treatment of workers whose jobs to deliver services to the employees or employers. The progressed world has bright picture in this side. They were and are careful to evolve their conduct towards this low income class. They preserve their pride and humanity, they treat them as human beings, who only forceful circumstances have made them in that situation. One cannot see that practice in our offices, as the worker delivers a cup or cups of coffee or tea to the employees to his or her desk or to his or her guests. The job of the worker is confined in preparing coffee and tea pots or thermoses, then any one the employee or his or her guest serve themselves. No one call the worker to pour for him the coffee and tea or any liquids. We have seen this heinous practice in the old Egyptian films and drama. It is absolutely ridiculous and preposterous. The reason may be we do not think about it as important, if this is the case, then there is something dysfunctional in our social and psychological structure, we have to look for and approach what needs to be rectified.
I appeal for exerting much effort to promote our ethical aspect, which does not entail much other than treating others well, and this is the core message of Islam, until we become an example for others. Every head of any group, whether family, party or business office should begin by himself or herself as role model. Because you can reform by example much more by precepts.

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