International Women’s Day in Turkish Way

Marwa Khalid

As the whole world is celebrating the Women’s International Day; the Turkish embassy in Khartoum celebrated the day in a very warm way, they decided to do something for the Sudanese community precisely, the women of Sudan. Before the targeted day, the head of the Turkish Women Association Dr. Amina Neziroglu took a journey around Khartoum visiting tea ladies, greeting them on the day, showing her support for them, talking to them on the fact that how inspirational they are to the Sudanese community and the whole world.
Moreover, Dr. Amina gave each tea lady a gift that could be valuable in their work. At the evening of Friday 8th March, Dr. Amina made a reception in her residence, inviting all famous Sudanese women from different professions to share the celebration of the Women’s international day, with a beautiful Turkish melody. Finally, Dr. Amina made a speech about the Women day and the depth of the relation between Turkish and Sudan.

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