Periscope: Algerian on the Road to Stability

The decision by the Algerian president not to run for a fifth presidency has been a good step to cool down the protests that engulfed Algeria during the last two weeks.
More than that the president has as well changed the government , dissolved the Election Commission and called for the formation of an independent committee to draft a new constitution and after which there will be a free and transparent general election.
This wisdom with the ongoing consultations with the different young protestors, civil society organization and political parties and figure as well as academia is expected to defuse the tensions in the country and pave the road for a new era.
Algeria is a very rich country but was plagued by the Dutch Curse that is dependency on oil revenue as the sole economic engine and the complete of all the others sectors. When the oil price falls the country faced very serious economic crises which in turn led to social unrests. This was as well combined with mismanagement in addressing the economic challenges.
It is expected that the coming weeks there will be many changes in the Algerian political and economic landscape to put the country back in truck as a leading African country politically as well as economically.
The lessons that must be learned from the Algerian experience is the danger of complete dependency on primary export products and neglect the sustainable economic sectors like agriculture and livestock.

Alula Berhe

Alula Berhe

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