CPPR Workshop Begins in Khartoum

Mohamed Abdalla

Khartoum – Sudan Minister of Finance Mustafa Al-Hawli, has praised the role of the African Development Bank (Sudan office) yesterday at Slam Rotan Hotel amid presence of the regional director of the East Africa, Magidu and representatives of different Ministries.
This came while he was addressing the participants in the two days activity of the Country Portfolio Performance Review Workshop (CPPRW), he described the event as “An important” occasion to review the ongoing development projects implementing by the African Development Bank.
He appreciated the efforts exerted by the AfDB to revise the activities “we are responsible to make sure that the project implemented within the context of time and finance” added the Minister who urged the bank maximize its fund and to extend projects “the volume of the allocated money approximately US$ 400 million, so from time to time we repeat our request of extension” he appealed to learn from the lessons of the past, to set good plan for the future.
“The discussions of the workshop will speed up our development process and improve our performance” explained Mustafa.
In the same context he urged the AfDB to continue its discussions with government to achieve the goals “I am waiting for the recommendations” concluded the minister.
On his part, the regional director of East Africa, has stated that AfDB recognized the role of Sudan as a founder and active member, he revealed that the total amount of the development projects in Sudan reached to US$ 375 million, to fund 16 different development projects, he said that 80% of the allocated amount funded by public sector, while the private sector funded 20%.
“Our objective is to help people of Sudan”. He also told that the workshop review the challenges stand on the way of the implementation, such as the impact of US unilateral economic sanctions and the banking transaction issues, he demanded the participants, not only to figure out challenges, but also to offer solutions.

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